Dipri Quick helps you to transform your manuscripts into books and onto bookshelves by flash publishing.

What is Dipri Quick?

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Co-publisher service means that the print service provider takes a responsibility of being in direct contact with the main publisher whether it is a book shop, vendor, library etc. in order to
1. provide a supply of smaller quantities too;
2. guarantee fast additional print-runs;
3. assure the possibility to order single copies over web;
4. offer personalised custom design print production in single on small runs (library tags, bookplates and special symbolics in written pieces).


Co-publisher contract is signed in order to help the publisher earn a return on books which afterprint does not seem necessary at first. Together we can find an added value to the existing book.

“In what form should my files be in?”

“How to upload my print files?”

“Can I change my order after confirming??”

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Web to print

Web to print

Our printing software offers templates that help you to design printing files without special skills. The software examines quality of the document, gives feedback and sends it straight to the printing queue.

Print on demand

Print on demand

When operating by print on demand principle, your files are printed in the quantity you need. As a result you can divide your bigger orders into smaller and distribute them onto longer period and reduce the cost of stock.

File folder

File folder

When you manage workflow digitally, all your files will be saved to your personal library, which makes ordering reprints very easy. Get the same quality files in one click.



Individual username and password create a safe environment, where all your data is protected. Log into your personal printing environment and send your files to print.

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production manager

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general manager

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sales manager


Kristjan Laidna
production assistant

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